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Bcrypt is a password-hashing function that is designed to be slow and computationally expensive in order to make brute-force attacks (trying all possible password combinations) more difficult and time-consuming for attackers. Here are some advantages of using bcrypt for password storage:

Increased security: Bcrypt hashes passwords using a unique salt for each password, making it more difficult for attackers to crack them. The slow and computationally expensive nature of the algorithm also adds another layer of security, making it much more difficult for attackers to guess or brute-force the correct password.

Easy to use: Although bcrypt is a complex algorithm, it is easy to use and implement in most programming languages. This makes it a popular choice for developers who want to improve the security of their applications without adding too much complexity to their code.

Future-proof: Since bcrypt is designed to be slow and computationally expensive, it is less likely to be susceptible to advances in computing technology or other hacking techniques. This means that even if attackers develop new methods for cracking passwords in the future, bcrypt should still be able to provide a high level of protection for stored passwords.

Overall, using bcrypt to hash and store passwords can greatly increase the security of an application or website and is recommended as a best practice for any system that requires user authentication.