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Top 10 Best Cat Repellents For Keeping Your Cat Away

Cats are attractive animals. Graceful, independent, and feline are just a few adjectives to describe these gorgeous animals. However, this doesn’t mean that cats don’t have negatives. Just lie other animals, cats have to relieve themselves from time to time.

The waste can create a mess, more so when they troop in your lawn or garden to pee. Let’s just admit it, pets can turn out to be a gardener’s worst nightmare. The best solution to this problem is purchasing the best cat repellents.

Whether you would like to keep cats away from wires and dangerous plants, or you just want to prevent cats from tempering with your flower beds, you can always get a repellent that will suit your personal needs.

From motion-activated models and cat-safe sprays to ultrasonic deterrents, there are many ways to keep away cats. All that you have to do is pick the best models on the market. To help you, here is a comprehensive guide on the best models in the market today.

Check out the best cat repellents for keeping your cat away.

10. COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Repellent

10. COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Repellent
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COSTWAY Scarecrow is an excellent motion-activated cat repellent. It has a unique lens design, that is specially meant to enhance the detection range for tiny animals like raccoons and cats. The repellent uses motion-activated technology to keep away cars. Thanks to the in-built sensors, the model is capable of detecting any movement with 30ft. range.

When activated, the model will startle and spray a stream of water on the visitor. The model also has a valve that closes automatically to cut-off the water supply. The repellent is an effective substitute for harmful chemicals. In addition, the startling function is economical and will use just three water cups to repel animals.


  • Features motion-sensor lens
  • High-quality repellent
  • Hooks up within a short period of time
  • Uses high-tech motion-activated detectors
  • Safe and leak-proof vale

9. FAYINWBO Cat Repeller

9. FAYINWBO Cat Repeller
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Here comes another high-end cat repellent. FAYINWBO Repeller will help keep out animals through the emission of LED flash and alarm sound. This device is useful to reject cats, foxes, rodents, crickets, as well as mice. Also, there’s a solar panel on top of this model for recharging its battery.

It is suitable for places that are challenging to use sprays like garden lawns and farms. When slow-moving objects approach the device, the device starts working to repel the animals. Also, it allows the user to set varying sensitivity modes as the need arises. You can, therefore, apply different frequencies to keep away animals.


  • Powerful flash LED lights
  • Features durable construction
  • Charged by 12V adapter
  • Offer multi-purpose usage
  • Easily rechargeable using solar

8. Hoont Cobra Yard Motion Activated Rodent Repellent

8. Hoont Cobra Yard Motion Activated Rodent Repellent
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Boasting of an adjustable detection unit, this repellent can move up to 30 feet for optimal performance. The water jet gets activated whenever this device detects movement within a 30ft’ range. The jet of water frightens animals, thus helping protect your monitored area.

The sprinkler distribution produces a clicking that drives away animals. For maximum effectiveness, this model is only reactivated once it detects movement in a 30ft. range. The unit is economical as well, and it won’t consume a lot of water. What’s more, this repellent doesn’t kill or harm your pets, but it only forces them to leave your restricted areas.


  • An adjustable animal detection unit
  • Uses four (4) AA batteries
  • Reliable and affordable model to use
  • Designed to be 100% harmless
  • Easy and quick to set up

7. Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Repellent

7. Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Repellent
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The Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Repellent is a high-performance model that can cover up to 35ft. It is effective at repelling nuisance animals like raccoons and opossums. The green colouring and compact design ensure that the unit blends perfectly with any landscape. Upon detection of movement, the unit releases a startling water surge to keep animals.

Another notable feature about this model is the fact that it uses just 2-3 water cups per spray. Also, there’s a metal spike that allows the user to put it anywhere within your lawn or garden. With 24/7 monitoring, this device will keep your yard and ponds safe.


  • Features 4 sensitivity settings
  • Keeps gardens or ponds safe
  • Compact design
  • Has a metal spike that allows for easy placement
  • Has infrared sensor

6. Havahart 5266 Motion Activated Sprinkler

6. Havahart 5266 Motion Activated Sprinkler
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Do you want a natural solution that will protect your garden from squirrels, rabbits, and cats? If yes, then your search ends here. Havahart 5266 sprinkler is a great device that keeps animals away by spraying water. It also has an in-built infrared sensor that detects heat or animal movements.

The Havahart 5266 sprinkler can protect you home for up to 1,900 square feet. The 9 sensitivity settings will allow the user to target specific distances and animals as desired. Being totally natural, the unit won’t harm people at home. Also, it comes with a pre-installed sprinkler to save you the time and energy needed during installation.


  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with 9 sensitivity settings
  • Saves both water and energy
  • It’s a natural solution
  • Doesn’t harm people

5. PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent

5. PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent
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PetSafe SSSCAT is a motion-activated spray that automatically repels cats from your garden, furniture, and other restricted areas within your home. The unit uses infrared sensors for monitoring movement and keeps cats away from unwanted areas. Moreover, the spray is stainless, harmless, and odorless at the same time. It can be used in different settings to keep cats off the counters, prevent climbing on furniture, and away from the trash cans at home.

PetSafe SSSCAT is an automated model that will protect animals from accessing your set boundaries. It has an adjustable nozzle that uses temperature changes and motion detection when animals approach the set areas. The model is designed to emit a harmless spray to keep away animals from accessing unwanted regions.


  • Guarantees pet-free zones
  • Motion-activated unit
  • Safe to use
  • Battery operated repellent
  • Quality guaranteed

4. Enviro Pro 15003 Scram

4. Enviro Pro 15003 Scram
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Enviro Pro 15003 presents a granular animal repellent that functions using smell. It is perfect for use on soil and wood chips. The product uses a mint scent to deter cats from entering certain areas at home. The organic repellent is specially formulated to keep cats away from trees, bushes, and your garden. Furthermore, repellent uses natural formula, so it won’t affect the environment.

When used in areas that lack cover, the granules should be replaced after the snow or heavy rains. The Enviro Pro 15003 Scram is safe for animals, and it won’t harm your pets. This is an inexpensive and more effective model that most cat repellents in the market today.


  • Effective cat repellent
  • Strong and natural repellent
  • Inexpensive granular repellent
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for both animals and people

3. Grannick’s Bitter Apple 8-Ounce Bottle for Cats

3. Grannick's Bitter Apple 8-Ounce Bottle for Cats
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Grannick’s presents a quality repellent that’s guaranteed to provide amazing results. It comes in a bottle with a bitter spray designed to prevent cats and dogs from chewing substances at home. The spray is safe and non-toxic; thus, it won’t harm cats and will only discourage them from chewing fur. The dapper top is designed to prevent over-spraying.

The spray is effective at deterring cats from restricted areas. Upon spraying, you’ll experience a strong alcohol aroma, which dissipates in a short time. As such, you can use this repellent even if you’re expecting people without making it smells terrible.


  • Effective anti-chew spray
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Non-toxic spray
  • Precise spray area
  • The sour apple flavour functions to deter most cats

2. Petsafe SSSCat 2 Pack Refill Spray

2. Petsafe SSSCat 2 Pack Refill Spray
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Petsafe SSSCat 2 Pack is a quality refill spray that’s designed to prevent cats from accessing some zones at home. It comes in a pack of 2 for optimal performance. The spray is unscented and safe for the environment, animals, as well as humans. The quality construction will also ensure that you use the spray for an elongated period.

Replacing the spray is quick and easy. With no scent, the spray is ideal for use at home without getting those irritating smells. Despite being suited for small indoor areas, this spray guarantees optimal effectiveness at keeping away cats. Also, with the safe ingredients, you can be assured that it won’t harm your pet.


  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Unscented spray
  • Comes in a multipack of 2
  • Doesn’t leak easily
  • Extremely effective spray


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1. Clever Sprouts Cat Repellent

1. Clever Sprouts Cat Repellent
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If you want the ultimate cat repellent, then you should try out the Clever Sprouts Cat Repellent. The unit makes use of the ultrasonic signal to scare cats and several other animals. It doesn’t contain any chemical components that will harm you or the pets. The device has a Passive Infrared Sensor that will detect motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker to emit a tone that chases away birds, dogs, mice, and cats.

In addition, this model is powered by solar, making it economical to use. The assembly process is easy and quick. You can mount it in the ground using the spike or hand on the wall. With durable construction, this device is guaranteed to work all year long without any significant defects.


  • Effective cat repellent
  • Safe and eco-friendly to use
  • Weatherproof unit
  • Easy installation
  • Energy-saving device

How to Choose the Best Cat Repellents for Keeping Your Cat Away

The market has many types of cat repellents, which makes it quite challenging to choose the best model. After all, everyone wants a model that’s sure to protect the lawn, garden, and flower bed from unwanted animals. As such, you need to consider a few key factors to ensure that you make a great purchase. Below are the main factors to consider:

Type of Cat Repellent

The first factor to put into consideration is the type of repellent that will suit your personal needs. As seen above, there are many different types of repellents: water sprinklers, spike mats, sprays, granules, and ultrasonic devices. Granules and sprays are suited for domestic cats. However, for wild cats, it’s advisable to use these models in conjunction with solutions like sprinklers and ultrasonic devices.


Any time you buy a new product, you should make sure it’s durable. The same applies to cat repellents. You should not use a device that runs out quickly or stops being useful within a short period. Also, ensure that the model is made from high-quality construction materials that guarantee a long period of service.
Ingredients or Building Materials

The ingredients of cat repellents are another crucial factor to consider. After all, you should get a unit whose composition won’t harm yourself or pets at home. Cat repellents are only meant to keep away cats, therefore ensure that the ingredients are non-toxic and won’t have any far-reaching effects on the environment, animals, and human beings.

Effectiveness and Dosage

Before making any purchase, it is vital to consider the effectiveness of the repellent. Will it cover the desired range? How about the dosage? These are important questions that will guide you to get a repellent that meets the level of protection you want at home. However, the effectiveness of repellents is a subjective matter and varies depending on the type of cats (wild or domestic), breed size, and traits. Therefore, you should check online reviews and customer feedback before you zero in on a particular repellent.


We all know how annoying it is to find cats regularly pooping in your yard or garden. While we love cats, most people would prefer they did their business away from certain areas at home. The above models will help you achieve this without any problem. Therefore, in case you want a repellent to keep away cats from your garden or lawn, then choose one of the models from this list. The review provides a comprehensive list of ultrasonic devices, non-toxic formulas, and unscented sprays that will keep vats away.

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