Top 10 Best Beautiful Flowers For Your Garden in 2021

Flowers are beautiful creations that mother nature provides. Since ancient times, most civilizations in the world have adored flowers as elements of beauty and for good reasons. The significance of flowers is seen everywhere in the world.

Flowers can feed human beings, insects, birds, and animals; help in plant production through pollination; and offer natural medications for common illnesses. Also, without flowers, the world would turn into a dull place. Well-manicured flowers in gardens provide a perfect way of beautifying the home and creating a more welcoming environment at home. Flowers will show visitors that you value your homestead and community at large.

Most flowers blossom during spring and summer. Therefore, if you want a greener environment, fresh landscaping ideas, or you just want beautiful flowers to grow in your garden, then you’re at the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with stunning flowers that will definitely improve the look of your garden.

From coneflowers to orchids, and everything that falls in between, this list has it all. So, what are you still waiting for? Pick the below flowers to enhance the appearance of the garden. To acknowledge the beauty of flowers, below are the top 10 best beautiful flowers for your garden.

Checkout list of top 10 best beautiful flowers for your garden

10. Coneflowers

10. Coneflowers

Have you ever heard of coneflowers or Echinacea? These are robust native flowers that are known for drawing birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden. The flowers have become every garden’s staple as they give bright blooms, and are very easy to maintain.

If you live in a drought-affected area, this is the best garden flower for you. They do perfectly well in both draughts, and in full and the partial shade. These coneflowers are essential for every plant. They help in attracting butterflies, bees, and birds that are essential for plant pollination. They grow into various colorful and bright blooms. You can find them in white, orange, crimson, yellow, and pink colors.

During winter, the flower dries off, but its seeds mature in the process. The flowers attract goldfinch that feeds on the coneflower seeds. Since the flowers attract birds to your garden, it’s very beneficial as it helps to kill bugs and also fertilizes your garden.

With these coneflowers, you don’t have to worry about the nature of your garden before planting them. This is because the flowers are grown in both part shade and sun. But in most cases, they prefer the sun. When you walk in most gardens, you won’t miss this Echinacea, as it’s believed to be a natural plant that can grow in almost all conditions. Apart from adding natural beauty to your garden, they can also be used for health purposes.

9. Cosmos Flower

9. Cosmos Flower

Have you ever heard of annual flowers? If not, Cosmos is one of them. Cosmos is a colorful and beautiful daisy-like flower that perfectly sits on top of long and slender stems. This flower amazingly blooms throughout the summer season.

It attracts butterflies, bees, and birds to your garden, ensuring that your garden is well pollinated. If you fear the hassle that comes with planning flowers, worry less. Cosmos is the easiest flower to grow and maintain.

It quickly and easily grows from its seeds. It perfectly survives in all weather conditions. These flowers grow into various colors; maroon, white, yellow, red, orange, and pink. The various colors are ideal when it comes to keeping your garden beautiful at all times.

The plant is very beautiful and grows to a height of up to 6 feet tall. You can grow it in both beds and containers. They quickly grow when planted on beds, and they are known for making great cut flowers. It requires a minimum condition to grow into a healthy plant; this because, it’s perfect in general neglect, poor soil conditions, and drought. Therefore, we can say that this Cosmos flower is the easiest to grow and maintain.

8. Camellia Flower

8. Camellia Flower

Camellia is among the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their beauty made it be termed as the queens of all other winter flowers. They are evergreen and attractive shrub. In most cases, they are overpriced on the market due to their exquisite blooms beauty.

The flowers have a shapely habit and splendid foliage that make it beautiful. Camellia prodigiously from fall to spring based on the climatic condition. This Camellia flower is known as the best flowering shrub for your garden. Choose this Camellia flowers and have a bloom in your garden.

This flower is known to grow and perfectly bloom in partial shade. The sun and the shade are always good, especially for those with young bodies. The plant has amazingly beautiful leaves canopy giving you that perfect shade that you’re looking for. This flower is highly recommended for any garden. During watering, ensure that its soil is well-drained.

The soil should be in a position to protect the flowers from strong winds. If you’re looking for a beautiful flower, buy this flower for your garden, and you won’t regret it. It’s an all-weather flower that forms a perfect companion for Rhododendrons and Azaleas shrubs. During the summer season, the Camellia flowers add an attractive and pleasing green color to your garden.

7. Lantana

7. Lantana

For those who want their gardens to have perennial flowers, this is your ideal option. The Lantana is known to be an indigenous flower to both Africa and America. The Lantana flowers are known as exotic species in other countries.

The flowers are known for their clustered flowering form. They have been proved to be flowers with the bet aromatic scent. The plant grows into flowers of different colors; orange, pink, red and yellow.

The various colors ensure that your garden is kept beautiful at all times. The Lantana has broad and oval-shaped leaves that rough on the surface. This Lantana plant also bears berry-like fruits that turn into black or purple when ripened. The Lantana plant dies to the ground during freezing temperatures and quickly grows back during spring. Its flowers are well arranged in clusters known as umbels.

The flowers can either be uniform or multicolored. Apart from being a beautiful flower, it has a variety of uses, preferences, and species. There are countries that consider it the worst weed and invasive species. The flower is enjoyed by gardeners because it’s easy to grow and also blooms into various colors. The Lantana plant is a beautiful plant that you can’t miss in your garden.

6. Crocus

6. Crocus

When these flowers pop out of the ground, they bring early spring colors to your landscape. They are beautiful and yet petite ground-hugging flowers. There is a large section of this plant that if usually planted below the deciduous trees to get the spectacular sight.

Have you ever heard of a plant flower with the power to jazz up rocks as it brightens the ground? If not, the Crocus flower is one of them. It perfectly brightens your garden and sidewalks with the beautiful splash colors. The flower can also serve as the perfect carpet for early spring.

Don’t be left out when it comes to planting these flowers. This Crocus flower grows well with the help of other plants that allow them to grow below their canopies. This plant is known to thrive in dry soils perfectly. They grow best in areas with the small competition of the limited space by the grass.

The Crocus flowers bloom early and bright, thus bringing you the beautiful colors that you need. They are a small but mighty plant that has both sweet fragrance and colorful blooms. The flowers are known to multiple years after the other. This Crocus plant lures the bees to ensure that other plants in the garden are pollinated. They rarely suffer from any susceptible disease or problems, but they are affected by squirrels, voles, and mice that feed on their corms.

5. African Lily

5. African Lily

The African Lily flower is also known as Agapanthus africanus. It’s a blue flower that perfectly blooms during early fall and late summer. Despite having an African name, they are not native African flowers, but instead, they originate from South America.

This Agapanthus africanus flower is highly demanded by most people because of its ornamental qualities and its beauty. The increased demand has made the flower to be cultivated since ancient times. It can grow to a maximum height of 36 inches and evenly spread to 18″.

This flower can be grown in both full sun and partial shade. To have an amazingly beautiful African Lily flowers in your garden, grow them in loamy and well-drained soil.

These African Lily flowers are essential when it comes to attracting butterflies to your garden. The plant gives rise to clusters of beautiful flowers. The flowers have various groupings of 40-100 individual tubular blossoms. This plant’s leaves have several hues that include white, violet, and pink.

Its traditional color is known to be violet-blue. Plant this flower in your garden and enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful garden. The African Lily plant consists of shiny and strappy leaves. Its flowers have a luxurious globe-like flower. These flowers are slightly disease-resistant, so you won’t have several problems with pests. Nonetheless, the beautiful African Lilies will still accentuate your garden.

4. Begonia

4. Begoniae

Do you want to diversify flowers in your garden? If so, do that by planting this Begonia flower. The flowers are very colorful and easy to grow. Plant this Begonia flower, and your garden will have that beautiful and eye-catching design.

With this Begonia flowers in your garden, you’ll be able to get different flowers tons. The Begonia flowers are very stunning as the bedding plants and very easy to care for. These flowers serve as the perfect garden fixtures since ancient times.

They can’t be grown from bounds; they grow perfectly on small flowerbeds. When planting these Begonia plant, ensure that they are 12 inches apart, for you to get a beautiful flower garden. These Begonia flowers are ideal for church usage. They grow perfectly well in partial shade in the soil that is well-drained and moist with a lot of organic matter.

For this Begonia plant to flower, bright light is needed. The majority of these Begonia plants will burn if the light is not enough. The plants are not heavy feeders, therefore, when cultivating them, ensure that you apply fertilizer in moderation. Very low maintenance is required for these flowers as they flourish well in a container. They grow to a maximum height of 2 to 3 feet.

3. Agastache

3. Agastache

Are you looking for fragrant, showy and long-blooming perennial flowers? If so, this Agastache is your ideal option. They are the best flowers for your garden, and they attract hummingbirds. The Agastache plants are crucial when it comes to pollination.

They are well resistant to browsing rabbits and deer. In most cases, the plants come in lavender to purple color, but they bloom in orange, white, blue, rose, and pink color. Agastache is a drought plant that produces the best flowers ever.

They are tolerant of poor nutrients conditions and low water. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you live in a poor soil area, as the plant will still grow to give beautiful flowers. These Agastache plants are found in almost every garden since they are easy to plant and maintain. Even if you neglect these plants for a while, they will still grow to give beautiful flowers that will keep your garden beautiful.

The plants can’t be harmed with excessive heat or early frost. You don’t need to have an outdoor space to grow this plant as it can be grown indoors. The indoor plant produces flowers quickly. The plant has the ability to survive in a temperature of below -12C when mulched heavily. As these plants establish, they require more water, but they can survive on their own afterward.

2. Hosta

2. Hosta

Hosta plant is a beautiful flower plant that will help you keep your garden beautiful during summertime. They produce flowers that are vibrant and foliage throughout the season. The plant is known to be an ideal and common perennial plant for everyone.

These plants have thick, luscious loving leaves that are the best when it comes to filling your flowerbed with color loads of your interest. During summer, these plants bloom into tall and wispy shapes. The Hosta plants have proved to be almost every gardener’s favorite plant and flower.

They have lush foliage and are easy to take care of. Their shape, texture and leaf shape makes them everyone’s favorite flower. As a gardener, all you need to know is how to grow this Hosta plant, and you’ll be able to reach your garden’s potential.

These plants are termed to be shade lovers, but their sunlight needs vary from one plant to the next. For you to successfully grow these plants, it depends on its color. To take good care of your Hosta plant, ensure that it gets bright sunlight and light foliage. These Hosta plants take between 4 to 8 years to mature and give beautiful flowers for your garden.

1. Orchids

1. Orchids

You can never talk of beautiful flowers without mentioning Orchids. Orchids are known for being the most beautiful and delicate flowers. The plants appear wise and look like anti-flower due to the geometrically shaped petals that make it exotic and desirable.

They are highly coveted ornamental flowers and plants that are a representation of love, strength, luxury, and beauty. You can use them as wedding or anniversary flowers. When you get pink orchid flowers, they are a representation of pure affection as the catty orchids show mature charm.

In short, there are different colors of orchid’s flowers and each of them has different meanings or purposes. The Orchids flowers support more than your style. These flowers’ blooms are genuine mind enhancers. The nearness of these blooms will trigger an upbeat feeling and even positively influence your social conduct.

What’s more, they make the garden space to be additionally inviting. They perfectly trigger feelings, increase life fulfillment sentiments and help influence people’s social conducts positively. The flowers have also been proved to enhance people’s emotions in a positive way. If you have ever seen these flowers on the market, you’ll agree that they automatically catch your eye.


Adding some classy colors to your garden is a great idea in case you want to improve on the appearance of your home. Flowers will help to capture people’s imagination and their sheer beauty will make a place look iconic. Most of the flowers are seen on roads or pathways as people are transported to tropical destinations or garden weddings.

However, these flowers can still be grown in our backyards. The function of flowers in nature can’t be overlooked as well. Besides helping plants to reproduce, they also facilitate seed growth, seed dispersal, as well as pollination. Having said that, the above list has simplified the work for you in case you’ve been planning to add beautiful flowers to your garden. From exotic imports to native species, the list has everything you want. Choose any of these beautiful flowers for your garden and be sure to fall in love with the appearance of your garden.

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